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Healthcare providers and physicians are typically expected to deliver care to a steady pool of regular patients every day and provide available time slots for new patients.
Setting a time and date for a provider to meet a patient is usually challenging.

Often when both ends manage to schedule a time slot of availability, unplanned appointment scheduling issues appear.
The inflow of unscheduled patients or the scheduled patient forgetting to arrive at the designated time delays care delivery and results in unfilled slots, making the process inconvenient for all stakeholders.

Proper coordination and management of appointment scheduling encourages a healthy revenue performance and increase the rate of patient trust in your practice.

Streamline Patient Appointment Scheduling

The key to improving patient visits is simplifying the appointment scheduling process in order to prevent patient no-shows, last minute cancellations, and cut back on unfilled slots that do not meet the requested time of appointment.

GoBill Appointment Scheduling Solutions delivers a satisfying patient experience and uninterrupted revenue; we optimize the scheduling of consultations, examinations, routine check-ups, and treatments using efficient workflows that do not increase your operating costs.

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Flexible; All-in-One Healthcare Contact Center Solution

  • Assessment of volume of calls to assign the appropriate number of agents.
  • Develop customized professional scripts for a consistent positive patient experience.
  • Verification of eligibility and prior-authorization requirements within minutes prior to services rendered.
  • Monitor and confirm the availability of the appointment with the provider and patient.
  • Organize the physician calendars.
  • Maintain the flexibility to fix, change, reschedule, or cross-schedule appointments in a calendar.
  • Send automated upcoming appointment reminders via text, email, or phone call.
  • Track new appointments, no-shows, cancellations, and unfilled slots.
  • Provide a record of each patient’s information, visits, diagnosis, payments.
  • Appointment scheduling during customized operating hours according to your business needs.
  • Ongoing soft skills and technical training for representatives.
  • Custom campaigns: Survey campaigns and lost patient campaigns to reactivate old patients.

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