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Minimize and Decrease Accounts Receivable

Hospitals, independent practices, and healthcare providers often get mired with old A/R piles. Collection follow-ups and identifying the status of claims under the payer’s filing system are hindered by inefficient processes unable to streamline communication between different stakeholders, untrained staff, or lack of necessary backend resources.

Track Claims

We know submitting claims isn’t the last step before getting paid, in fact, according to recent studies, only 70% of providers are reimbursed for claims from the first submission.

We assess and track unpaid claims according to the following:

  • Timeframe and limit of filing.
  • Age of the insurance claim.
  • Type of payer and their rate of denials or speed of payment.
  • How many times patient statements have been sent.
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Develop Policies & Procedures

For Aging A/R highlights problems within ineffective policies and procedures regulating the process of account collections.
Our proven guidelines improve the:

  • Negotiation process with insurers.
  • Number of claim resubmissions to obtain a collection.
  • A/R backlog clearance and prevention of future accumulation.
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Medical Database System

Support your claims submission documentation and negotiations with insurers using our technology-assisted A/R service, Your data is retrievable and secure

  • Follow-ups on A/R past 20 days of age are prioritized
  • All documentation is logged in and retrievable from the database
  • Claims to be submitted, pending, or waiting to be refiled are never lost
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ar collection

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