Eligibility Verification & Pre-Authorization, Proactive Prevention of Delayed/Denied Payments

Real-time prior eligibility and authorization checks, speed-to-care, and improved revenue collection.

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Insurance eligibility verification and pre-authorization
Is the single most important step in speeding up claim submission, faster reimbursements, and reducing the chances of denial in the medical billing process. It is the revision process of an insurance claim to verify that the patient is eligible for the service being billed and authorized to receive this benefit under the policy of their insurance benefits.


Reduce denials rate by 40%

Prior to arriving at the scheduled appointment, billing staff should properly capture information and confirm whether any of the patient’s active insurance plans cover the benefits listed and if authorization is required in advance of delivering the requested services.

This process can save 40% on potentially lost profits in denied/delayed payments and informs patients of their payment responsibilities upfront, which increases patient satisfaction rates.

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